Anacortes metropolis council approves legislative priorities for 2021 information

 Anacortes city council approves legislative priorities for 2021 news

Developing ways to help cities tackle the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is at the top of the city of Anacortes’ legislative priorities for 2021.

Anacortes City Council approved its list of priorities on January 25th. Resolution 3014 will guide the city’s lobbying work during the state legislature session that began January 11 and ends April 25.

According to the resolution, the city will urge the legislature to:

• • Restore and improve partnerships to share revenue to fund critical community needs. Sources of income include alcohol excise tax, criminal justice assistance, fire insurance premium tax, and marijuana excise tax.

• • Develop additional resources to combat housing instability caused by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including rental assistance and foreclosure / eviction prevention assistance.

• • Support for SB 5012, which would introduce a tax on short-term rent; and HB 1035, which would provide tax exemptions for affordable housing.

• • Adoption of a transport revenue package that provides funding for maintenance and upkeep and an appropriate level of local funding and additional local revenue options for cities.

• • Give cities more flexibility in using resources from existing revenue streams – such as property excise tax, criminal justice sales tax, and lodging tax – to cope with the effects of the economic downturn.