Escambia Kids’s Belief Plans Property Tax Adoption and Appoints Executives:

Escambia Children's Trust Plans Property Tax Adoption and Appoints Executives:

The Escambia Children’s Trust was planning its future course when the first meeting with a 10-person board was held this week.

The trust has until July 1 to determine a millage rate of up to 0.5 million to be added to the county’s property tax bills. But first they need to determine the needs of the community and how to pay for solutions.

The Trust will meet at 5:30 p.m. on May 11, May 25 and June 22 in the chambers of the Escambia County Commission. A fourth meeting may be planned. There will also be subcommittee meetings. From July they meet every second Tuesday of the month.

Trust member Stephanie White has been named chairman of the board and retired CPA Carolyn Appleyard has been named interim administrator. Appleyard is not paid.

The Escambia Children’s Trust meeting this week was the first since Governor Ron DeSantis appointed five people to complete the board.

Last November, voters approved the creation of the Children’s Trust, funded by an increase in ad valorem taxes of up to a maximum of $ 0.5 million, which will give the average property owner in Escambia County $ 40 each from 2022 Year will cost. The tax is expected to increase, generate at least $ 8 million each year, and enable the trust to provide early childhood education, safety, development, prevention, health and wellness services, including after-school and summer enrichment programs .

Five members were appointed to the board to fill positions required by state law – Patty Hightower, member of the Escambia County School Council, Walter Sachs, Director of the Department for Children and Families in the Northwest Region, Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz, Lumon May, representative of the district Escambia, and the district school Escambia district manager Dr. Tim Smith.

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