Gwinnett actual property house owners will obtain their annual worth opinions shortly

 Gwinnett real estate owners will receive their annual value reviews shortly

About 42% of Gwinnett property owners will find that their property’s appraised value this year has been adjusted due to rising property values ​​in 2020, according to district officials.

The county’s board of assessors announced that it sent around 291,000 annual assessment notices to owners last Friday. The notices will tell the owners what the estimated value of their property was on January 1st, as required by law, and will compare it to last year’s estimated value and explain any changes in value.

“About 42 percent of the notices indicate that the estimated value has been adjusted to market conditions in response to property values ​​that continue to rise through 2020,” the district officials said in a statement.

“Despite the pandemic, the housing market is reflecting the high demand for housing with a relatively low number of properties available. The Gwinnett County Assessors’ Office uses all available data to conservatively assess each property in order to meet state regulations for accuracy while this is not the case at the same time. ” Overvaluation. “

Property owners need to closely monitor their valuation notices as they only have 45 days from the date it was announced to file a complaint if they disagree with their estimated value for 2021. The announcement is intended to show what the market value of the property is at the beginning of the year, according to district officials.

“We look forward to working with the owners and addressing their concerns,” said Chief Appraiser Stewart Oliver. “To assist with resolving legal remedies, property owners are required to provide their own valuation as of January 1, 2021 and explain their concerns. It is also important to provide accurate contact information. Evidence can also be provided, e.g. B. Changes to property, damage or necessary repairs made before January 1st. “

District officials stressed that property appraisals are not invoices, but they do give owners an idea of ​​what their property tax bills will look like for 2021 as they include tax estimates – based on the millage rates for 2020. The millage rates for 2021 will not be determined until later this year.

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The ratings are used by Gwinnett County, its school authorities, and each city in the county to plan how they will fund essential services such as the police, fire, and emergency services.

Property owners wishing to appeal the 2021 estimated value of their property can file their appeals online at District officials said filing the appeal online will allow owners to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it can also track the progress of their appeal online and provide them with the receipt of their appeal.

If an owner does not have access to a computer, they can mail a letter of complaint to the Gwinnett County Board of Assessors at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, 30046 GA.

The letter must include the owner’s name and the property’s package number and address, in addition to the other’s opinion of how much the value should be and an explanation of why they are addressing the valued value.

“Visitors to the assessors’ office will speak to a service employee through a video kiosk,” said the district officials. “This change was introduced to give citizens the safest way to receive personal services and has allowed more employees to speak directly to citizens in a safe and personalized way. One for every taxpayer who wants to appeal in person Dropbox is available in the hallway outside the assessors’ office. “

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