Anschutz sues for a tax refund | information

Billionaire Phil Anschutz and his wife Nancy filed a lawsuit against the state to seek a refund of their 2018 income taxes, The Colorado Sun reported.

The Sun reported that the Anschutzes, whose clarity media owns The Gazette, The Denver Gazette, and Colorado Politics, are saying in the state court case that amendments to the federal tax law are enacted under the 2020 Congress pandemic response law, the CARES law allow them to claim a tax refund in 2018.

The Colorado prosecutor, who represents the Treasury Department, said in court records the couple’s interpretation was unreasonable. The AG office wants to reject the case and argues that the interpretation of the Anschutz could lead to tax chaos.

The state declined to comment, and lawyers representing the couple did not respond to requests for comment, The Sun reported.