Bloomberg Tax & Accounting pronounces updates to the Corporate Tax Analyzer

ARLINGTON, Va., April 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bloomberg Tax & Accounting today announced updates to the Corporate Tax Analyzer to reflect changes and guidance in tax law September 15, 2020.

Recent updates include the Global Cuts and Jobs Intangible Income (FDII) provisions of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Low Global Intangible Income (GILTI) and Abroad Intangible Income (FDII). The final terms for BEAT and Section 163 (j) have also been updated in CTA. In addition, the Law on Taxpayers’ Safety and Tax Relief for Disasters of 2020 has been added.

Corporate Tax Analyzer continues to provide Bloomberg Tax & Accounting customers with added value in handling complex tax rules.

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Corporate Tax Analyzer automates and manages complex federal corporate tax attributes over multiple years and across multiple scenarios to enable “what-if” analyzes and comparisons. It enables users to generate new efficiencies by calculating, tracking, and analyzing federal and corporate tax attributes, including net operating losses, lectures, and transfers.

“Corporate Tax Analyzer continues to provide Bloomberg Tax & Accounting customers with added value in handling complex tax rules and streamlining workflows,” he said Evan skin, Vice President, Bloomberg Tax and Accounting. “We will continue to release updates and enhancements to Corporate Tax Analyzer to ensure users have access to the latest tax law changes and guidelines.”

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