Colorado Auctions fundraising marijuana-themed license plate

Photographer: Matthew Staver / Bloomberg

Photographer: Matthew Staver / Bloomberg

Colorado Governor Jared Polis leans heavily on his state’s reputation for being the cannabis capital of the United States

The state is auctioning 14 marijuana-themed license plates to raise funds for programs to help people with disabilities. Individuals have the option to bid on signs that read “BONG” or “HASH”. As of Tuesday, the maximum bid is $ 6,510 for a record labeled “ISIT420”.

Colorado and Washington were the first US states to legalize recreational marijuana when voters approved the measure in 2012. And the industry has been a boon to the state’s finances. Colorado recorded US $ 88.5 million state excise tax and US $ 245.5 million sales tax on marijuana according to annual financial statements for fiscal 2020.

Auction winners will have the option to use the configuration of letters and numbers on their Colorado license plate or purchase a novelty plate. The winner has the exclusive right to use the word or phrase on their license plate at a later date. The auction will run until April 20 at 4:20 p.m. local time.

“Colorado prides itself on our creativity and ingenuity,” Polis said in a press release. “We have been leaders in cannabis for over a decade and these efforts enable us to fund critical projects and programs in our disabled community.”

The money raised from the auction will go to the Colorado Disability Funding Committee and will be used to fund disability application assistance and programs to improve the quality of life and independence of the Colorado disability community, the governor’s office said in the news release.

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