Connecticut Commuter Double Taxation Prevention Invoice Nationwide Coverage

“This is an opportunity and I think we have a duty to fight back against bullies, whether in New York or Massachusetts,” said Haskell.

Under the law, the state of Connecticut would grant these workers credit for income taxes that Connecticut owed as early as 2020 tax year despite working remotely from home during the pandemic.

The underlying problem is expected to be decided by the US Supreme Court. Connecticut and other states have filed a brief on the case, due to New Hampshire filing lawsuits against Massachusetts for collecting income taxes on residents who worked from home during the pandemic.

Senator Craig Miner, R-Litchfield, said Connecticut should do more, claiming “the biggest bully is in New York and he should be overtaken” without naming New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Last May, the Democrat said his state was “unable to provide subsidies given its budget deficit” when he confirmed that non-governmental health workers who came to New York to help COVID-19 patients are taxing would.

Miner also raised concerns about another provision in the bill that would encourage state funding for Connecticut cities by making changes to the payment in lieu of the tax program for local property tax-exempt properties such as hospitals, colleges and state-owned real estate. He noted that no agreement has yet been reached on how the next two-year state budget will be balanced.