District treasurer publicizes provide for re-election | Group

Elkland, 43, Kera L. Hackett is seeking a Republican nomination for re-election as Tioga County Treasurer.

As a lifelong resident of the county, Hackett began working in the treasury in 2005. She was assistant treasurer for seven years before being elected and taking office in 2014. She is completing her second term and her eighth year as the district treasurer.

The district treasurer acts as the tax officer for the district funds. The incumbent is also a representative of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the sale of dog licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, small gaming licenses, and bingo licenses.

The office processes thousands of antlerless licenses from July to August. It is a very short period of time to process so many licenses efficiently.

“My staff and I are taking this process very seriously,” said Hackett. “Some people rely on these licenses to stock their freezers with deer meat for the winter.”

The district treasurer collects the district property taxes and the excise tax for renting a room.