Dodgers’ Andrew Friedman doesn’t rule out re-signing Justin Turner – Orange County Register

When Tommy Lasorda was remembered at Dodger Stadium last month, Justin Turner was there wearing a Dodgers jersey (with Lasordas # 2).

With the defending World Series champions’ first practice session ongoing in less than two weeks, it is likely that Turner will be wearing a Dodgers jersey for the last time. The free agent’s third baseman remains unsigned despite widespread perception and ongoing analysis that a return to the Dodgers is the most logical outcome of the 36-year-old’s foray into the free agency.

The Dodgers made the offseason’s biggest free agent, signing Trevor Bauer, 2020 National League 2020 Cy Young Award winner, a three-year deal worth $ 102 million that will make him the highest-paid player in the MLB in 2021 (and likely 2022) -Will make history. . During Bauer’s introductory press conference on Thursday afternoon, Dodger’s President for Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman was asked if these issues mean they will no longer be able to re-sign Turner.

“The simple answer is no,” said Friedman. “We are determined to do everything we can to put together the best possible roster. Obviously, I find it difficult to comment on a particular free agent. But I think it’s pretty well documented what we think of JT, what it means to this organization.

“For that matter, we’ll see.”

With the Bauer contract, the Dodgers’ payroll goes well beyond the threshold of competition tax. Currently, her 2021 payroll will top the majors (for the first time since 2017), bringing in around $ 238 million, which costs her an additional $ 7 million in luxury tax.

That won’t stop the Dodgers from re-signing Turner, Friedman said – or making another addition to satisfy his explicit request for another right-handed man.

“In the more than six years I’ve been here, the ownership has done incredible things to win and reward the great fans we need to bring back to LA a World Cup that has lasted for a long time. The time is coming” said Friedman. “Now they think, ‘Let’s do it again. And let’s flip the switch and be set up to do it again. ‘Obviously the plot speaks of it.

“I think it is difficult to check our payroll at any point in time and derive too much from it. We talked a lot about it. It’s a three to five year process that we look at – the ups and downs of it. But the thing that has been consistent throughout wins. And so our mindset is still, and we’ll see how that plays out. ”

In addition to the Dodgers, Turner has also reportedly piqued the interest of the New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, and Toronto Blue Jays at various points this off-season.