Dominica is exempting motorized vehicle excise tax to enhance tourism on the island

At the last session of the meeting, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, announced that the government would exempt import duties and excise duties on motor vehicles. Under this new directive, taxi operators who could only buy old vehicles due to high import taxes can now buy new vehicles.

According to Janet Charles, Minister of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, this move will also help make Dominica the top tourist destination in the region by giving resorts the opportunity to invest in luxury vehicles.

“It’s important to improve our vehicle fleet. People need to be comfortably transported as they experience the journey from the airport to the hotel or anywhere in the country,” said Charles.

“With immediate effect, you can get these benefits for two vehicles in five years. You will be exempt from a 28% excise duty and an import duty on the luxury vehicle which is around 40%, ”Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said during the gathering.

In recent years, Dominica has been heralded internationally for its efforts to promote ecotourism. The island is home to several sustainable resorts from renowned hoteliers like Kempinski, Hilton and the Marriott, while strengthening unique boutique hotels like Secret Bay and Jungle Bay that prioritize the natural environment. The island also hopes to become the first climate-resilient nation in the world, which Prime Minister Skerrit pledged and supported through the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program after Hurricane Maria 2017. The program enables foreign investors and their families to make an economic contribution to the country, either through a state fund or by investing in real estate in exchange for citizenship.

Dominica’s CBI program, launched in 1993, is recognized as the best in the world in the annual CBI Index Report. The study provides a comprehensive ranking of all government statutory CBI programs and has ranked Dominica as the best travel destination for the past four consecutive years. The report, produced by experts at the Financial Times’ PWM magazine, cited the program’s efficiency, affordability, and due diligence as some of the reasons it was ranked.