Do’s and Don’ts for Tax Returns: Specialists can be found for feedback

For workers who work from home, part-time workers, and small businesses juggling JobKeeper, there are a number of things to consider when filing tax returns this year.

The 2020/21 financial year is drawing to a close and for the UNSW Tax Clinic the focus is on financial literacy and education. As a provider of free, independent, and confidential tax advice and support to financially vulnerable individuals and small businesses, the UNSW Tax Clinic’s mission is to educate through public relations and its community-led response to severe financial burdens.

As Australians prepare to file their 2020/21 tax returns, Dale Boccabella, Associate Professor of Tax Law at UNSW and Founding Director of the UNSW Tax Clinic, Dr. Ann Kayis-Kumar, for comments on tax issues including:

Worked from home this year? Deductible entitlement options and tax traps to avoid

  • Advice for office workers who want to navigate their way to tax deductions in the home office and / or office, including aspects such as the “shortcut method” (80 cents per hour deduction), the “52 cents per hour deduction method”, which “is -Cost Method “and the recent tax cut.

Are you running a small business? What you have to consider during this tax period

  • The aim is to help small business owners file the tax returns, navigate JobKeeper, and possibly file late tax returns disrupted by COVID-19, including the tax break for the immediate asset write-off (temporary full settlement), financial distress from trading at delayed tax returns and assertion of losses from loss carry-backs.
  • Dr. Ann Kayis-Kumar can also talk about the human-centered experience at the Tax Clinic where small businesses have struggled with late returns.

Juggling part-time work with the family? You need to know that at tax time

  • The aim is to help part-time workers (especially women, who, according to the Agency for Equal Opportunities at Work, make up 67 percent of this group) manage their tax time, including aspects such as combining the tax exemption limit with low income tax offset, navigating through several part-time jobs Low-wage earners and take advantage of the Income Tax Break of up to $ 700 and the Low and Middle Income Tax Break of up to $ 1080 and the State Childcare Allowance Scheme.

Tax experts for comment

A / Prof. Boccabella is also available for general comments on filing tax returns for fiscal year 2020/21.

Dr. Kayis-Kumar is also available to address tax issues for individuals and small businesses in dire financial straits.

About the UNSW Tax Clinic

UNSW Tax Clinic provides free, independent, and confidential tax advice and assistance to financially vulnerable individuals and small businesses. It has outreach locations across Sydney and offers phone appointments depending on the circumstances and location. Tax advice and representation are often in high demand, so priority is given to people who need help most urgently. For more information, visit the UNSW Tax Clinic.