Expensive Minister … SAB begins marketing campaign and urges Mboweni to “tax beer responsibly”

Shortly after Finance Minister Tito Mboweni launched his Tips for MoF campaign, the South African breweries developed their own.

It will be two more weeks before Finance Minister Tito Mboweni will give this year’s budget speech.

Mboweni has continued the tradition of former Minister Trevor Manuel of asking the public for tips.

Budget 2021 tips for MoF. pic.twitter.com/oAjl0Mp3RX

– Tito Mboweni (@tito_mboweni) January 28, 2021

Following the disastrous financial consequences of successive alcohol bans, the South African Breweries (SAB) responded with its own social media campaign.

The message: Please tax beer responsibly.

SAB says it already does its part to promote responsible consumption.

With the third alcohol ban behind us, we are faced with the challenge of stabilizing the beer value chain. Before the budget speech on February 24th, we have #TipsForMoF to #TaxBeerResponsibly. Any increase in excise tax affects the sustainability of the industry and economy. #ResponsibleTogether pic.twitter.com/jBZngXjbsw

– SABreweries (@SABreweries) February 3, 2021

The tactic is quite interesting – it takes this general idea of ​​”responsibility” that the government has been promoting like crazy, and applies it not only one direction, which is consumption, but also the other, which is taxation is.

Andy Rice, Branding and Advertising Expert

I think it’s pretty clear to most people that a campaign like this, an overt campaign aimed at an audience of one – Tito Mboweni – is unlikely to add anything to the argument the liquor companies have with the government becomes …

Andy Rice, Branding and Advertising Expert

… because they have fantastic communication channels. They may be a little heated at times, but if any of the liquor manufacturers, not just SAB, want to get a message across to the government, they don’t have to spend a lot of money on conventional media to get it.

Andy Rice, Branding and Advertising Expert

SAB seems to be trying to get their own customers on their side with the campaign, Rice says.

The ads also make it clear that any future increase in beer price would be taxable and not from the manufacturer.

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