Extension playing cards for exemption from property tax should be despatched

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CLAY COUNTY – Tracy S. Drake, the county real estate appraiser, said the 2021 property tax exemption renewal cards will be mailed Tuesday, January 19.

Florida law provides a number of exemptions, classifications, and tax breaks for property taxes that reduce the taxable value of real estate. One of the responsibilities of the Clay County Property Appraiser’s Office is to ensure that all eligible property owners take full advantage of the exemptions for which they are eligible.

In Clay County, most property tax exemptions are renewed annually. As soon as a first exemption application has been submitted and approved, a subsequent application to maintain the exemption is no longer required. On or before February 1, the CCPAO will send a property tax exemption renewal card to any owner who qualified for certain exemptions in the previous year. If the exemption authorization has not changed, the extension card serves as a receipt.

It is the responsibility of the owner to notify the CCPAO if the exemption eligibility has changed. Failure to promptly notify the real estate appraiser could result in significant penalties under Florida law. Take off the bottom of the card, indicate which exceptions to remove and return them.

A Guide to the Renewal Card for Property Tax Exemption has been developed to help owners understand the renewal cards. To read the guide or for more information, please visit www.ccpao.com or call our office at (904) 269-6305 to speak to an exception specialist.