Fb is not going to take away any commercials linking Omar and Hamas

The ad skewed Omar’s tweet earlier this week saying that Israeli air strikes that killed civilians in Gaza, not specifically Hamas, were an act of terrorism.

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According to Treasury, the US is proposing a global tax minimum of 15% for companies

The Biden government proposed a global tax on multinational corporations of at least 15 percent in the final round of international tax negotiations, Treasury officials said Thursday, an offer that fell short of expectations as the US tries to negotiate with countries that Fear of Hitting a Deal Raising their prices will discourage investment.

The Treasury Department held meetings this week with a group of negotiators from 24 countries on what is known as the global minimum tax that would apply to global corporations regardless of where they are headquartered. The Biden government hopes to reach an agreement in principle with other countries this summer, and expects the deal to sell its plan to raise the corporate tax rate in the US from 21 percent to 28 percent.

Tax officials said their offer was enthusiastically accepted and called it a pivotal moment in negotiations that have dragged on for more than two years. The global minimum tax negotiations are part of a wider global struggle to tax tech companies and stem from the Biden government’s attempt to create provisions in tax law that incentivize job relocation overseas.

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Biden’s court rulings are advancing

A split Senate judicial committee on Thursday presented President Biden’s first list of judicial nominations, including his selections to federal appeals courts in Washington and Chicago.

The committee voted 13-9 for the appointment of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as the influential US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. All but two Republicans opposed the judge on the court who would replace Merrick Garland, who became Biden’s attorney general. Republican Senators John Cornyn from Texas and Lindsey O. Graham from South Carolina supported Jackson’s nomination.

Jackson, 50, is a former public defense attorney and a member of the U.S. Criminal Justice Commission who has served in the Washington District Court for the past eight years.

Biden is quick to try to stand out in federal courts after former President Donald Trump installed more than 200 judges at record speed. All five of Biden’s recommendations made by the Senate committee on Thursday are black people, underscoring the government’s emphasis on nominating diverse candidates from diverse professional backgrounds.

Iowa Republican Senator Charles E. Grassley said his opposition to Biden’s two court decisions was in large part in response to Democrats voting against most of the Trump Justice nominees during his four-year tenure.

“There can’t be one set of rules for Republicans and another for Democrats,” said Grassley.

He praised Jackson’s credentials and background, but said that “I don’t think he or she should be vindicated unless a circuit contestant can demonstrate that he or she subscribes to the Constitution as originally understood.”

The committee also voted 12-10 to send Candace Jackson-Akiwumi’s nomination to the Chicago-based Court of Appeals to the entire Senate. Jackson-Akiwumi, 41, spent 10 years with the Chicago Public Defense Office serving 400 clients in need.

If Jackson and Jackson-Akiwumi are upheld, they would only join five other black women out of 286 judges sitting on a bench in the federal appeals court. Jackson is often mentioned as someone Biden might at some point decide to keep his promise to name the first black woman in the Supreme Court. After graduating from Harvard and Harvard Law School, she was a clerk to Judge Stephen G. Breyer, the senior Supreme Court Justice under pressure from the Democrats to retire.

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Pelosi firmly on masks on the house chamber

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, on Thursday rejected calls by some Republicans to relax the chamber’s face mask guidelines, telling reporters that it is the responsibility of congressional leaders to keep the floor clean House is “not a Petri dish”.

A day earlier, the House rejected the GOP’s efforts to roll back the guidelines, and Democrats argued that lawmakers must be vaccinated if they want to be maskless.

“We have to wait until they are vaccinated because they are selfishly a danger to other people, including the staff here,” Pelosi said when asked about the actions of some of the House Republicans who refuse to wear masks, themselves but refused to say if they were vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Pelosi said she was “hopeful” that the house restrictions could be lifted at some point, but wondered why a number of Republican lawmakers had insisted on relaxing guidelines, despite her vaccination status remaining unclear.

“What is it, the honor system?” She asked. “The honor system, whether someone has been vaccinated? Do you want them to breathe in your face because of their honor? “

House and Senate Democrats have a 100 percent coronavirus vaccination rate, according to a CNN poll last week.

The poll found that at least 92 percent of Senate Republicans were vaccinated. However, according to CNN, only 95 of the House’s 212 Republicans – or 44.8 percent – said they had been vaccinated.

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Pence’s brother is voting against the January 6th commission

On January 6, supporters of former President Donald Trump broke into the Capitol to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. Meanwhile, some of them sang “Hang Mike Pence” and quoted the Vice President, whose support for their conspiracy was deemed inadequate. They came dangerously close to fighting this threat.

As they looted through the Capitol, Trump offered his first thoughts on the siege. He went to Twitter not to retrieve the dogs but to attack Pence. It’s a tweet that came despite apparently briefing Trump on the danger Pence and others faced.

Despite all of this, Pence’s brother, Republican Greg Pence, Republican of Indiana, voted against a non-partisan commission on Wednesday to investigate what went on that day.

Not only did he do so, but he suggested that it was indeed the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, who planned a “hang”. A political one. From Trump.

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