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Monthly stimulus checks

A petition was launched last year calling for it $ 2,000 stimulus checks and “Continuation of regular checks for the duration of the crisis” has reached two million signatures on

The petition was started by Stepahnie Bonin, a Colorado restaurant owner, put food on the table. “

The petition was updated with the arrival of Joe Biden at the White House to say “We are unemployed and have no money” and that the “The best our government can do right now is to send emergency money to the people on a monthly basis. “

Bonin at the end of the update is asking people to do so “Sign to join our movement and mail recurring checks to the people”.

That story is making the media right now, and two million signatures is clearly a lot of people, but whether it really affects the debate is harder to show. The problem with campaigns has always been that signing a campaign is so easy that it is easy to dismiss it with doubts as to whether it really matters that much to the signatories. When all you’ve done is click on something on the internet.

The other debate is over as to whether campaigns can really make a difference. There is evidence that it can, and here are some campaigns that didIn general, however, they have the greatest impact when increasing the visibility of a topic that was not discussed much in the mainstream media before the campaign The media, who speak about the number of signatures on themselves, then raise awareness.

That won’t be the case hereThe discussion about recurring stimulus checks is already being discussed extensively in the media, among politicians and in society as a whole. As a result, individuals who sign up for a campaign in support of that campaign are unlikely to move the needle that much on the cover. We wrote this post because the campaign got two million signatures, so …