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All it takes is $ 10,000 of unreported revenue during an audit and the auditor may involve a civil fraud advisor on your case. The sole role of this agent is to assist the auditor in developing the exam for a possible handover to the IRS Criminal Investigation Department for a possible development of the tax prosecution case.

If you’ve used a check cashing outfit to hide cash receipts, cut checks to a nominee company, failed to deposit all cash receipts / overflown, failed to report receipts deposited on all of your bank accounts, and reported receipts less than total Of your 1099, you state that you have unreported cryptocurrency revenue from investment gains and should have unreported income on unreported overseas accounts. You are at a very high risk of criminal tax charges if you don’t hire a properly trained criminal defense attorney to get you through your eggshell, reverse eggshell audit without prosecution and foreign reporting fraud prosecution or a civil fraud penalty.

Fraudulently inflating deductions or claiming personal expenses as business expenses, using fictitious payees, and simply not being able to substantiate the expenses you claim will all be considered a sign of fraud upon your review and may result in tax prosecution .

Relatives’ fraudulent claims, earnings credits, business credits, educational credits, energy credits, etc. is another safe way to conduct an audit or, in outrageous cases, face criminal tax charges.

After completing any of the above reviews, the IRS will make one of three decisions:

  • The taxpayer owes the IRS additional tax, civil, and / or civil fraud penalties, as well as interest.
  • All of the information on the tax return was correct and the taxpayer does not owe money or owe money from the IRS, which is incredibly rare.
  • Sufficient fraud badges were identified during the audit so that the civil investigator is procedurally obliged to refer the case to the IRS Criminal Investigation Department for possible development of the case for tax prosecution.

Fortunately, you made the absolutely right choice to hire legal and accounting representation for an IRS audit. The tax authorities of David W. Klasing You have a proven track record of successfully serving many types of industries, business types, estates, trusts, corporations, and individuals on office exams across the state California, the nation and worldwide for expats and could be indispensable in getting you safely through a civil, eggshell, or reverse eggshell office audit. We can protect you from almost anything except the reasonable tax bill that you should have paid.

The full version of our comprehensive guide to auditing survival is available here.

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