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Some accountants ignore or fail to identify the scenarios in which they expose their clients, or even themselves as the original creators, to criminal tax liability when faced with an eggshell exam or a reverse eggshell exam. Because of this all-too-common failure, a tax professional may find themselves in a situation where they did not know that the client took action that constituted tax evasion. This is dangerous to their reputation with other customers, potential customers and the tax authorities. Once in this position, knowing when to withdraw the client and refer them to a criminal defense attorney with the right training and experience is of paramount importance.

Fortunately, David W. Klasing Esq. MS-Tax CPA of the tax authorities of David W. Class, PC is here to offer you a Lorman training course that will expand your knowledge of eggshell audits, how to identify them, and how to use them.

When you sign up for the course, you will learn how to:

Learn from an experienced and qualified dual license and CPA tax attorney. David W. Classhow to protect your customer when they are exposed to a potentially criminal tax audit or audit.

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