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Methods a taxpayer might use to evade tax assessment:

  • Hide various sources of income
  • Create multiple ledgers of your finances to hide your income
  • Destroying documents related to finance
  • Hide employee wages by paying cash
  • Making fraudulent statements to the IRS and its agents, forcing employees to lie to the IRS
  • Creation of fake invoices
  • Use of independent contractors or misclassification of employees as contractors to avoid tax withholding

To prove payment evasion, the government could look for:

  • Avoid using credit cards, checks, and other forms of payment that can leave a paper trail
  • Change of ownership of their property to family members and others
  • Creating a bank account with fraudulent information like a fake name or social security number
  • Passing personal income or debts on to others
  • Money laundering through foreign financial accounts
  • Opening lockers under false names to hide jewelry, gems and other valuable personal belongings
  • Using other people’s bank accounts to hide money and assets

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