Greene County residents have been reminded to look at for modifications in property valuation

SPRINGFIELD, MO (Issued Press Release / KY3) – Greene County’s Assessor Rick Kessinger reminds residents that 2021 will be a property revaluation year, meaning that notices of changes in value will be sent as property values ​​rise.

Notifications of changes in value are not notifications of a tax increase. Missouri law requires the assessor to tax the revalued value of real estate every two years in odd years. Kessinger estimates that nearly 74% of Greene County’s homeowners will receive notifications of changes in value this year. Only residents with an estimated increase in their property value based on a number of factors including current property values, construction costs and current market data will receive a notification.

“All properties fluctuate in value over time. In recent years, however, real estate prices have changed significantly due to market increases and the general availability of real estate, ”explained Kessinger. “A revaluation only ensures that a property is taxed in the same way as another comparable property.”

The Greene County Assessor’s Office also warns residents of a new law regarding notices of changes in value. If a notice of change in value reflects an increase in the estimated value of 15% or more since the last property valuation (excluding new construction or improvements), residents can request an interior inspection of their property. Such requests must be made within 30 days of receiving notification of the change in value. Those who do not wish to undergo an interior inspection due to concerns about COVID-19 or any other reason may go through an appeal process.

Special telephone lines have been set up to assist citizens with questions or concerns about changes in value notices:

  • 417-829-6180 for questions about residential or agricultural real estate.
  • 417-868-4094 for questions about commercial real estate.

Additionally, on the Greene County Assessor’s page on the Greene County website at:

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