Greenville Metropolis Council Notes: Fiscal Yr 22 Budgets; $ 3.6 million for Unity Park

The Greenville City Council convened for a third working session on the budget on Monday, May 24th, which resulted in a council meeting and an overall vote on that budget. Here is a recap from the Greenville City Council meeting on May 24th.


Greenville City Council approved a budget of nearly $ 144 million for fiscal 2022. The city’s projected revenue for the general fund is $ 136 million in property taxes, corporate licenses, and insurance licenses. The additional $ 8 million will come from the city’s fund balance, a funding reserve.

One of Greenville’s areas of spending is neighborhood infrastructure, the GVL2040 project, economic development and public and first responders. The GVL2040 project, which was approved in February, is a development plan for the city that, according to the city, balances growth with open spaces, affordable housing and mobility.

A $ 32 million neighborhood infrastructure loan gives the city the ability to invest in its streets and sidewalks without collecting taxes. City officials said the budget does not include any tax increases.

Construction near the Commons of Unity Park will continue in late January. Photo by John Olson


Ordinance to allocate $ 3,638,380 in the Capital Projects Fund to recognize additional resources used for the Unity Park project.


Ordinance to Transfer Excess Woodside Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue City Property Transfer to Genesis Homes for Affordable Housing.

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Photo by Will Crooks


Resolution to approve a law enforcement assistance, assistance and jurisdiction agreement between the Greenville City Police Department and the Myrtle Beach City Police Department.

Fall and Providence, photo by the Greenville Zoo Foundation.


Resolved July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 to award $ 14,000 from the Greenville Zoo Conservation Fund to six designated local and international conservation programs.

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