Headlines – County Govt Pittman Publicizes Postponement of Tax Gross sales Resulting from Ongoing COVID Pandemic

Annapolis, Md (March 4, 2021) Today, County Executive Tax Type Pittman signed Executive Order No. 44, postponing the upcoming tax sale for fiscal year 2021 unpaid taxes and other unpaid fees or charges to calendar year 2022. Under normal circumstances, the county tax sale takes place in May or June. The postponement is in recognition of the fact that many property owners are still struggling during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“If the postponement of the tax sale prevents any of our residents from losing a home, this is the thing,” said County Executive Pittman. “This is a small but important part of our work to protect our people from the ongoing economic effects of this pandemic.”

Property taxes are billed annually by the district on July 1st and are payable in full by September 30th or December 31st at the latest. A tax sale will be made on properties for which no taxes, fees, or water or sewer charges have been paid as of January 31, and which remain unpaid as of April 1.

Last year’s tax sale for fiscal 2020 has been postponed to this year. State law requires tax sales to be made no later than two years after the tax arrears date. Therefore, the tax sale for properties that would have gone for tax sale in 2020 must be done in May or June of this year if taxes are still in arrears. If a property is to tax the sale for unpaid fiscal 2020 taxes, the law requires that any other due and unpaid taxes, fees or other charges, including taxes, fees or other charges of the 2021 financial year, be included in that tax sale have to .

The county has several programs in place to help local residents struggling to pay their bills during the COVID pandemic. Residents can obtain information to assist with bill payment by calling (410) 222-1144 or by visiting the following link:

You can find more information about the County Tax Sale here:
If you have any questions about the upcoming tax sale, please call 410-222-1735.