In response to the IRS, singers from the Detroit space did a fraudulent rap

DETROIT (AP) – Two women who formed a Detroit area rap duo, Deuces Wild, are accused of stealing millions of dollars through fraudulent tax filings.

Sameerah Marrel, known as “Frau Creme” and Noelle Brown, known as “Nikki Brown”, were charged with many crimes in an unsealed criminal complaint on Wednesday.

The Internal Revenue Service paid $ 5.5 million for bogus claims of $ 13.7 million from 2013-17, according to the government.

“The tax returns alleged that the IRS had withheld large amounts of income tax from the trusts that allegedly filed the tax returns and that these trusts were therefore entitled to large refunds of the withheld income tax,” Agent Tyler Goodnight said in an affidavit .

But it was wrong, he said.

Marrel appeared in court on Wednesday and was released on bail. Her attorney Andrew Densemo said she was not a risk to the community. Brown has not yet been arrested.

The government said luxury vehicles were registered with Marrel, including two Bentleys, a Porsche and a Mercedes-Benz, the Detroit News reported.

The couple’s songs and videos haven’t received much attention on YouTube, the newspaper said.