Invoice to Profit State Educators – The Brewton Customary

Brewton-born Representative Alan Baker sponsored a bill that was signed today and will benefit teachers in the state.

The statement, House bill 93;; in the context of teacher retirement, which enables sick leave to be converted into creditworthy service for members of the Tier II plan.

On signing HB 93, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey made the following comment:

“It is critical to make sure we have a good system of achievement for our student educators,” said Kay Ivey, governor of Alabama. I commend Rep. Baker for his work on this matter and I am proud to have legally signed it. Education continues to be a top priority for my administration. “

Ivey also signed the following invoices today:

– – Senate Act 361 (Albritton); Parole and Parole Committee

– – House bill 227 (Lovvorn); provides a tax credit for building, purchasing, or installing qualified storm protection and provides that federal restaurant revitalization grants to the same extent as federal income tax law are excluded from Alabama income tax

Here is a comment from the governor: “Since Alabama is in full swing with our COVID-19 recovery and restaurants keep bouncing, it only makes sense to relieve them of this tax burden. I am grateful to Rep. Lovvorn for his work on House Bill 227 and am pleased to sign it into law. In Alabama, our restaurants are an important part of our cities and towns, and this is certainly a wise move to help them fill jobs and get back to full homes. The restaurants in Alabama and Alabama are open to business and we will continue to do our best to make their business easier for them. ” – Governor Kay Ivey

– – Senate Act 298 (Orr); Amendment to the Alabama Innovation Act

– – House bill 555 (Pettus); provides for the duty of prosecution to remove illegal guests in mobile home parks at the request of the operator

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