Juvenile crimes can improve attributable to bans

Is there a correlation between all of these teenagers stealing cars for rides in Ceres related to the continued lockdown? Is the encouragement to stay home and away from school why there has been a deluge of carjackings committed by young people?

It has to be admitted that it is plausible.

Young people are bored and looking for thrills.

Last month, Washington DC girls aged 13 and 15 attempted to steal the car of a 66-year-old Uber Eats driver named Mohammad Anwar. The victim was tasered and when he was trying to regain control of his car after the two girls pulled him out and they jumped in, the car rolled over him after hitting a curb. Anwar came to the US for a better life in 2014 but was senselessly killed when two teenagers with an unconscious mind decided to take what was not theirs. Now they have murder and carjacking charges.

DC saw 46 carjackings in the first five weeks of 2021, compared to just eight in the same period in 2020. Minneapolis saw carjackings increase 537 percent in October and November over the same period in 2019.

Criminologists believe the government’s closing of life as we know it – including the closure of schools, workplaces, and youth centers – is one factor contributing to this.

* * * * *

The lower class salvation continues in Sacramento. The reason Democrats want to save is because they want the votes and let’s face it, there are more poor people than rich people.

I am not rich, but I am blessed. I don’t think raising the poor at the expense of the successful is an American concept, nor is it fair. It also has a person’s desire to get rich.

Take, for example, the landlord who is successful because they took a risk or built up enough capital to own a complex that is rented out to people who have not been so successful. The Democrats always want to punish the landlord.

Rep. Mike Gipson, D-Los Angeles, presented the 1199 bill to the assembly, which provides for an annual consumption tax – or rather a “privilege tax” – for owners with 10 or more multi-family or single-family rentals for the “privilege” of a Be a landlord. The tax rate would be based on the gross rental income, an undefined amount. The bill would also set up an expensive, nationwide mandated fund for homes for families, which would then be used for rent support, homelessness, affordable housing and housing advice.

If you’re a renter, you might think it’s just great that the Democrats kiss your butt. But let me ask you this: if you owned this apartment complex that you are renting now, how much would you like to pay an additional tax just to have the privilege of being successful enough to be a landlord? Can’t you tell How would you feel if the state decided to put an additional tax on your rent – for the privilege of living in it – so the state could give free housing to people who cannot afford rent?

You just have to love the title of this bill. (Remember, Democrats always gloss over their punitive measures). Gipson calls it the “Homes for Families and Corporate Monopoly Transparency Excise Tax”. It should be described as “discouraging landlords from owning and renting real estate”.

The California Apartment Association and other groups are as angry at this suggestion as they are at people who believe in fairness.

* * * * *

Perhaps the most dangerous woman to the health of California’s business climate is Los Angeles socialist Democrat Lena Gonzalez, who works overtime to destroy successful businesses.

Despite the onerous, confusing, and ever-changing wage and hourly laws in California, their AB 1003 suggests criminalizing small employers, managers, and supervisors who make good faith mistakes in applying the law, even the labor officers and the courts disagree with how to interpret.

Their AB 1074 imposes an onerous and rigorous process on certain employers to reinstate workers for certain industries, including hotels and restaurants, which have been disproportionately affected by this pandemic, delaying the re-employment and reopening of employers after coercion to close or reduce due to COVID-19.

It also seeks to significantly expand Cal / OSHA’s authority by allowing it to potentially multiply the penalties against employers by a factor of ten or 100 and closing facilities that haven’t even been physically inspected. Eventually, several new retaliatory presumptions will be created that duplicate existing protections and lead to litigation.

* * * * *

This falls under the “Are you kidding?” Category. A high school in Portland was renamed from Woodrow Wilson to Ida B. Wells-Barnett, co-founder of the NAACP. They want to make the evergreen tree their mascot, but the Portland Public Schools Board of Education postponed the vote last week because Director Michelle DePass (who is black) suggested that the tree might remind someone of lynchings of the early 20th century .

Naming committee member Martin Osborne suggested that the evergreen is a symbol of life, not death.

The left has gone mad. Trees are racist now.

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