Kameli & Associates law corporations are submitting a lawsuit in opposition to the US authorities on behalf of the DV 2021 lottery winner

CHICAGO, July 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – (THE LAW OFFICES OF KAMELI & ASSOCIATES) – Kameli & Associates law firms announced that they have filed a lawsuit against Aminjavaheri et al. filed against Biden The United States Government regarding a winner of the 2021 diversity visa.

When the Diversity Visa Lottery was launched, Congress imposed strict restrictions and strict legal deadlines that participants must meet in order to successfully immigrate to America through the program. Once selected, the US government will assign winners of the Diversity Visa Lottery a number that will determine their place in line for their visa interview and ultimately their chance of actually getting a visa. Due to the pandemic, countless US embassies worldwide have been closed and the Kentucky Consular Center has limited the number of interviews per day and immensely slowed down the processing of applications.

Most of the winners of the Diversity Green Card Visa program are currently in a difficult position. You must have your visa issued by September 30, 2021, or they lose the opportunity to obtain the visa.

According to current State Department guidelines, diversity visas have been declared a “Level 4” priority, the lowest priority status. Therefore, the acts and omissions of the US government can result in this unique opportunity that can be taken by thousands of people without warning or through no fault of their own.

“The executive branch of the government must implement the wishes of the legislature. This means that the DV winners must apply for their visa by September 30, 2021. “said chief attorney Taher Kameli. “Putting the DV winners on the lowest priority is an explicit violation of the will of Congress.”

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