Letters to the Editor 4-4: Marxist “Tyrants”; Lucido the brand new spranger; GOP privilege | opinion

“To be betrayed by tyrants”

I am over 70 years old, have a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Mom and Dad didn’t give me these, I earned them and paid for them with my own money. I worked in the government as a federal agent for over 25 years. This wasn’t a high paying position but made some good investments and now drove a luxury car. “White privilege” is a sly term used by the Marxist “not to have” thinking to justify stealing what is not theirs. Wake people up, you are being betrayed by tyrants.

JP Sandeson

Shelby Twp.

The new Karen Spranger

A financial crisis in our Macomb County attorney, Peter Lucido’s office, is the reason the extradition of a suspect from a Tennessee prison who killed an Eastpointe man, execution-style, is on hold indefinitely. The estimated cost of round trip transportation for untrained Eastpointe police officers to pick up the suspect is $ 1,000 – this is the financial responsibility of Lucido’s office.

Prosecutor Lucido claims poor housekeeping by the previous prosecutor is the main reason for lack of funds to fund extradition trips like this one and others. Then, while this may be true, why did Lucido decide a few weeks ago to stop raising up to $ 110,000 / year from individuals from Macomb County’s Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) funds? Lucido claimed, “I decided to end it because I felt that $ 110,000 is not worth punishing and punishing.” I bet most Macomb County’s taxpayers don’t share Lucido’s thought that $ 110,000 isn’t worth it. Lucido has also asked overworked taxpayers to spit an additional $ 900,000 to hire more staff, buy cell phones and other gadgets, and an additional $ 45,000, again from “law abiding taxpayers,” for a part-time prosecutor and also for the Approval of Send $ 15,100 in federal forfeitures to purchase $ 23,000 worth of furniture for new rooms for crime victims. He is under the delusion that taxpayers have money trees in our backyards where we can only snap up $ 50 and $ 100 bills when ordered by financially incompetent politicians. Lucido claimed, “We’ll find the money somewhere. But I don’t know what we’ll do next time.” The OWI fund would have been somewhere if Lucido had done some basic financial / budget planning before the collection was finished.

Macomb County’s law-abiding citizens must hope Lucido knows that an extradition hearing usually has to take place within 10 days of the person’s arrest, or the suspect will be released. Given Lucido’s track record to date, it is questionable whether he is aware of this requirement. It looks like Macomb County’s taxpayers have a new Karen Spranger on our tax list.

William D. Krull


GOP all about “me first”

The Republican Party is the worst party calling itself the political party for all when in reality it is a “me first” dictatorship.

Wealth at the expense of others.

Manifested in the lies and deceptions of a rally leading to riots in the nation’s capital, culminating in a GOP in Michigan that lacks the decency to admit statements by the so-called leadership and instead uses published deceptions claiming “off.” out of context “with a half apology.

Stupidity lacks the intelligence of thought and purpose; The GOP is what it is!

Compare Weiser’s statements with the last president about the democratic leadership of Michigan. People of the same kind stick together.

Paul A. Heller

Washington Twp.