Marijuana rules are transferring nearer to Fort Lupton council

Steve Smith

The process of defining what is and what is not for the sale of retail and medical marijuana is getting closer to the hands of Fort Lupton City Council.

The first public hearing on regulations took place on May 13th. The first hearing of the Council is scheduled for May 18th.

In the November election, voters approved the sale of medical marijuana and retail marijuana.

During a town hall meeting on May 12th, Mayor Zo Stieber put forward the idea of ​​a sales tax election in November.

“If we allow growth activities, we want a way to meet our expenses,” she said. “Since this operation would not be a retail trade, we would need an excise tax that has to go to the voters.”

In previous discussions, the council expressed a desire not to allow medical marijuana or retail marijuana stores in its downtown area, particularly along Denver Avenue between First and Ninth Streets. The council heard a proposal on May 12 to extend the “no-marijuana” zone to the area between Pacific Avenue and Park Avenue.

“It helps ensure that the cannabis business does not take place downtown,” said a note from resident Steve Smith, which Stieber put on the file.

She wasn’t on board.

“I’m not inclined to go to Pacific Avenue,” she said. “They are residential areas and these are excluded.”

Councilor Shannon Rhoda believed that the existing council should use a “red flag” to consider future councilors.

“Law now, Schools do not allow marijuana stores. Part of the city center is not qualified initially and we don’t need to make any changes, ”she said. “When the school moves, the dynamics of this area in relation to marijuana businesses will change. I wanted a red flag to somehow come up on this one so that future councils could decide whether to allow it or add this area to the no-marijuana business area at this time. “

Stieber also asked for the opportunity to view business qualifications. She said she would approve of the proposals.

“I would like any new business to be successful,” she said.