Michigan cashing in on leisure marijuana

FLINT, me. (WYRT) – (4/8/2021) – Recreational marijuana is fast becoming one of the emerging industries in Michigan.

Voters gave it the go-ahead in 2018, and since then the state has said sales in 2020 were more than $ 341 million.

Part of this money should go to your church. The law requires dollars to go to your neighborhood, your child’s classroom, and even fix those pesky potholes.

The money comes from a 10 percent excise tax levied on recreational marijuana products. According to the Michigan Treasury Department, it has raised $ 31 million and, after additional charges, has estimated a total of $ 45.7 million

Of the dollars raised, 15% will go to communities in which the company is located. 15% will go to this county. 35% to the school aid fund and another 35% to the transport department.

Approximately $ 12.5 million went to administrative costs, $ 11.6 million to M-DOT, and the same amount to the Department of Education.

The remaining $ 10 million will then be divided among 66 parishes, 38 counties, based on the number of recreational licenses in the area.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency says the money is not intended for anything in particular.

There are several communities in mid-Michigan that are receiving an out-of-the-money payout. The state says Bangor Township will receive $ 280,000. Owosso received $ 56,000.

The City of Flint received a check for $ 84,000. Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley says he would like to add these dollars to the city’s budget to help with ongoing operations.

The city of Burton was to get $ 140,000. Mayor Duane Haskins tells ABC 12 that he would like to use the dollars on roads and other infrastructure projects.

The Michigan Treasury Department says Bay County will receive one of the largest stakes in the state at $ 420,000. It’s because this county has 15 recreational licenses. Bay County’s executive Jim Barcia says he’d like to use the money to help the county continue to develop economically.

The MRA expects the number to rise over the next year as more cities and towns apply for recreational marijuana licenses.

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