Native bulletins: March 18, 2021

The village of Voorheesville (the “Village”) is soliciting sealed tenders for the collection of solid waste and recyclable materials (the “Work”) – subject to the terms and conditions set out below and in a contract to be concluded between the village and a successful bidder ( “Bidder”).
(i) “Solid Waste” means rubbish, trash and garbage, excluding all items included on a “List of Unacceptable Materials” adopted by the Capital Region Solid Waste Disposal Partnership (f / k / a “ANSWERS”) Revised from time to time and excluding recyclable items and materials intended for recycling under a recycling program in which the village is involved.
(ii) “Recyclables” means single stream recyclables, including: flattened cardboard and cardboard, brown bags, paper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, plastic containers (No. 1-3 or any other currently being recycled); Glass (all colors), cans (aluminum, tin, steel), milk cartons and juice boxes.
1. The tenderer must provide its own vehicles, equipment and manpower. In addition, the bidder must provide each collection unit in question with two (2) plastic roll containers with attached hinged lids, which are suitable for receiving solid waste and recyclable materials. One must be at least 90 gallons to hold solid waste as described above. and the second must be sixty to seventy (60-70) gallons to be used for single stream recyclables as described above. The recycling bin MUST be clearly labeled, a different color from the waste bin, and clearly labeled with a list of acceptable and unacceptable items (color and printing must be approved by the Village Board).
The bidder must distribute containers to the individual households along with the accompanying literature, which has also been approved by the Village Board of Trustees.
2. Collection must take place on Wednesdays between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. Earlier collection is strictly prohibited.
3. The bidder is required to take out liability insurance of at least 1 MILLION DOLLAR (USD 1,000,000), excessive liability of TWO MILLION DOLLAR (USD 2,000,000) and automobile liability insurance for every vehicle used in connection with the US $ 1 MILLION of Services rendered under this Agreement will be used one MILLION DOLLARS (US $ 1,000,000) for an Event. The village is named as an additional insured for such policies. Proof of employee compensation and disability insurance must also be presented to the village.
4. Collection will be made to all eligible units (currently approx. 1,075 to 1,090 units) within the boundaries of the village in the current manner and form. Solid waste is currently being picked up in plastic bags, which are placed in the trash cans as described in paragraph 1 above and parked on the side of the road. Single stream recyclables are mixed in the second smaller container. The bidder is responsible for becoming fully familiar with the routes and stops required for the scope of the work.
5. The Bidder must execute a contract (the “Contract”) with the Village for the Work. The contract includes a provision that the bidder must pay workers at least the applicable wage set by the New York State Department of Labor. and contain standard prohibitions on discrimination clauses (that is, the bidder will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, disability, or any other class protected by New York State or federal law). Payment for work is made monthly by paying ONE TWELFTH (1/12) of the annual contract amount; Start after the fourth (4th) Tuesday in June 2021 and monthly thereafter in a similar manner.
6. The contract period runs from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022. The contract is extended annually for four (4) consecutive years under the same conditions at the option of the village.
7. At the time of a contract renewal, the contract amount may be changed to include new homes completed by May 31st of the previous year (and the bidder’s proposal should include a unit price for these). The annual contract price is increased on March 1st of each extension year by the consumer price index (CPI) compared to the CPI from March 1st of the previous year or 5% above the contract price of the previous year (adjusted). whatever is less and less.
8. All collected materials must be disposed of legally. All solid waste must be disposed of at Albany City’s Rapp Road Waste Management Facility (RRWMF) or another qualified DEC solid waste and recyclable facility. The bidder will dispose of all recyclable materials to the village free of charge.
9. All solid waste tip fees are paid by the Village. If any facility other than RRWMF is used, these costs must not exceed the amount that would have been charged by RRWMF. All tip or disposal fees for recyclable materials are borne by the bidder and are paid by him. All amounts received for the sale of recyclable materials are the property of the bidder and will be kept by him. (Alternatively, the bidder can submit a bid in which the village pays tips for solid waste as well as for recyclable materials.)
10. All tenders for work must be received at Voorheesville Village Hall on or before April 2, 2021 at 10:00 AM. At this point, these offers will be opened and reviewed. Each award is given by the Village Board of Trustees. The board reserves the right to refuse all offers and to waive any informality or irregularities in the offers received.
11. The bidders must issue a non-collusive certificate. The bidders must also offer a bid security of five percent (5%) of a bid. The security can be in the form of a tender offer or a certified check payable to the village of Voorheesville.
12. The successful bidder must execute the contract by April 30, 2021 and at the time the contract is executed, provide a performance guarantee, certified check or letter of credit equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price. Every guarantee company must be licensed to do business in New York State and be listed on the US Treasury Department Circular 570 – Approved Guarantee Companies List.
13. In order to prove the qualification to carry out the work, the tenderer must provide a list of other municipalities with which the tenderer has concluded similar contracts. and a list of equipment owned or available to perform the work.

In accordance with Section 501 of the New York State Real Estate Tax Act, it is noted that the Knox City appraiser is available to review the inventory and valuation data. An appointment to review this information can be made between Monday and 9 a.m. by calling 518-281-7040 for the City of Knox.

Public notice of the hearing
The city of New Scotland
Zoning board
It is hereby announced that the City of New Scotland, New York City Zoning Board will hold a public hearing under Chapter 190, Article IX, Section 190-73 of the Zoning Act to propose the following:
A public hearing on Variance Motion No. 547
Derogation Request # 547: Cynthia Elliot’s request for an area derogation to apply for an exemption from Article II Section 190-12 (B) to allow a minor division of a package with less than the required lot into two lots. The parcel is located at 15 Willow Lane in the RA Zoning district and is labeled New Scotland Tax Parcel 118.-3-14. The minimum space requirement in the RA district is 44,000 square feet or 1.01 hectares. This request concerns a relief of 0.24 acres to allow the new property to be dimensioned to 0.77 acres with existing improvements.
Time: March 23, 2021, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Subject: Board of Appeal of the City of New Scotland Zoning
Time: March 23, 2021, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Attend the Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 875 6625 9865
Passcode: 120238
One Tap Mobile
+ 16465588656 ,, 87566259865 # ,,,, * 120238 # US (New York)
Jeff Baker
Chairman of the Zoing Board of Appeal

Special COVID update meeting
March 19, 2021
The City of New Scotland City Council will hold the COVID Update Meeting on March 19, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. In-person participation is not permitted due to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19. In accordance with Governors Executive Order 202.1, the meeting will be remotely via Zoom. The meeting will be recorded and the minutes will be made available at a later time. Members of the public can connect, listen, and watch the meeting at:
Attend the Zoom meeting
Lisa Williams
New Scotland Town Clerk