No Justification for Florida Electoral Legislation, What About Biden’s Taxes?

The vote was fair

If a lie is repeated over and over, people will believe that it is true. This is what we see now in our wonderful land. The 2020 election was one of the safest in history. Election officers across the country worked hard to make the elections fair. Florida had one of the best elections in our history.

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Despite many national recounts and no evidence of election rigging, the bottom line is that Donald Trump lost more than 7 million votes. The people had spoken. But here we are six months later, and some elected officials are repeating the constant Trump mantra that the election was fraudulent!

A number of voters are moving forward at the Church of Christ on Beville Road in Daytona Beach on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Liz Cheney should receive a Medal of Honor if she has the courage to defend herself against this election lie. Instead, the leaders condemn them and all others who stand up for the truth. More than 7 million votes determined the election result! The people have spoken and in our democracy the will of the people should be respected.

Nancy Long, South Daytona

Flagler County voters flocked to the Flagler County Public Library on Monday, the first day of early voting, to cast their ballots.

Biden’s tax issues

New York State continues to urge Donald Trump to be investigated over decades of taxes he has either legally or not illegally paid (yet to be determined).

We now know he paid over $ 95 million in taxes for over 18 years and then received a refund of more than $ 70 million through statutory corporate tax losses from the IRS. The real legitimacy of the IRS refund is questionable.

However, during his tenure as president, Trump campaigned successfully to lower corporate tax rates as well as those of all tax-paying Americans. I personally saw my disposable income due to tax cuts and changes in tax law during the Trump presidency. As we all know, as business costs rise, these costs are passed on to consumers with higher cost of goods, and jobs are being outsourced to cheaper labor and material sources in other parts of the world such as China. It’s a no-brainer.

Enter President Biden, the man who wants everyone to pay their fair share. In 2019, Biden earned $ 13.5 million as a senator, speaker, and writer. He paid $ 300,000 in federal income tax. This corresponds to 2% of his gross income. I’m a nurse and paid 9% federal income tax. Biden took advantage of suburban companies to protect his income from taxes, which saved him more than $ 500,000 in taxes that year. Legal? Yes. Fair? Barely. And a little hypocritical, don’t you think? Come on who thinks Biden is fun?

Abigail Dean, New Smyrna Beach