Polson voters reject a 3% resort tax in change for property tax aid ~ Missoula Present

(KPAX) POLSON – Polson voters turned down a proposal to impose a resort tax during a special Tuesday night election.

According to Lake County election officials, the turnout in the special elections was 53.5%, 1,014 votes against and 577 votes in favor.

The proposed resort tax would have added a 3% tax on purchases of goods and services within the Polson city limits from establishments such as hotels, campsites, restaurants, bars and more.

If approved, the tax would have been levied year round for a period of 20 years from July 1st.

Polson City Manager Ed Meece said 80% of the resort tax collected went to fund major road reconstruction and maintenance works, while 17% was used to ease property tax on property in the city.

Under state law, only vacation towns with a population of 5,500 or less can apply a resort tax. Polson’s current estimated population is 5,060.