Porzio Bromberg opens enterprise law follow

Porzio Bromberg & Newman PC expanded its business law practice under the chairmanship of Pamela Kapsimalis, announced on May 20.

The business law group provides corporate transaction advice and assistance to all types and sizes of businesses and focuses on medium-sized companies based in New Jersey, Delaware, and New York.

The team consists of former in-house consultants and attorneys with Masters degrees in corporate, finance and tax law, each with an understanding of complex finance, tax, securities, real estate, credit and other legal issues related to the business Strategies for corporate growth.

“Over the past three years we have invested our time in understanding the special needs of our medium-sized customers,” said Kapsimalis in a prepared statement. “We are working with companies to help them capitalize on their current legal capacity by serving as an extension of their team. We create value by providing access to the firm’s lawyers who have legal expertise in key areas and then forming an effective team to assist with outside legal advice needs. “

“By working with Porzio Bromberg & Newman’s employment, bankruptcy, asset preservation, commercial real estate and litigation teams, we can provide optimal solutions to our clients’ business needs. We also have a unique partnership with Porzio Compliance Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, in providing investigative and security compliance services to complement our external advisory services, ”said Kapsimalis.

Members include Robert Ferri, Cheryl Santaniello, Carmen Andrade, Keren Bisnauth, Jonathan King and Sean Reid, each with extensive experience and expertise in industries such as corporate transactions, tax, commercial real estate, lending, construction, franchising and retail, environment and storage.

“Leveraging the experience and rich background of these attorneys, this team stands ready to enhance the delivery of legal and business solutions to midsize businesses in the region,” said Vito Gagliardi Jr., managing director of Porzio and president of the firm’s three wholly owned subsidiaries in a prepared statement. “Complex legal issues require intelligent, practical solutions. These lawyers are positioned to help companies coordinate their needs to accommodate the full range of Porzio resources.”