Prime 10 Developments, Classes, and Reminiscences of 2020

In 2020 there were significant developments, lessons and memories:

(10) Accountants can use electronic signatures to submit tax documents. While federal tax preparers are allowed to electronically sign on behalf of their clients on behalf of their clients to file tax returns, preparers were required to obtain a “wet signature” prior to e-file approval for New York purposes. Due to a law that came into effect on August 24, 2020 and will take effect immediately, creators are now authorized to accept electronic signatures for e-file permissions to submit tax documents on behalf of their customers (NY Tax Law §177 -aa). According to guidelines (TSB-M-20 (1) C, 2 (I), issued October 6, 2020) of the Ministry of Taxes and Finance (the Ministry), the Ministry will not require that any particular technology be used. However, the electronic signature process must identify and authenticate the taxpayer. For remote transactions, the creator must record the taxpayer’s name, social security number, address and date of birth and ensure that the personal information contained in the records matches information obtained through file reviews with the relevant authority or institution or through credit bureaus or similar databases .