Property Tax Information and Sources for California Property Tax Switch

Most California real estate owners support Prop 13 and Proposition 58. And it’s worth noting that California Proposition 13, also known as The People’s Initiative to Limit Property Taxation, was passed as an amendment to the California Constitution, 42 years later, more popular than it was when the Californians passed it into law on June 6, 1978. (Interestingly, the same date commemorating the Normandy landing, D-Day June 6, 1944.)

In fact, CA Proposition 13 was championed early on by the famous Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and successfully driven through numerous political obstacles, whose CEO, Mr Jon Coupal, took over government in 1999 and is largely responsible for running the fees for the accelerated property tax relief in California to this day.

There are many reasons most California real estate owners support Prop 13, Proposition 58, and the Use of Mother-to-Child Transfer of All Kinds of California Real Estate. Financial analysts tell us in no uncertain terms that Proposition 13 has saved California taxpayers over $ 528 billion – and has saved the average California middle-class family more than $ 60,000 to date … and it’s growing.

A clear majority of homeowners in California still support Proposal 13 and Proposal 58 for Parent-to-Child Property Transfer, the exclusion from the re-evaluation of parent-to-child property, or Proposal 193 for the transfer of property from grandparents to the child Grandchildren in inheritance tax concerns – which enabled homeowner families after 1986 to transfer real estate from parents to children and keep parents’ property tax without being revalued with today’s tax rate increases.

As long as California real estate owners want to take advantage of property tax breaks … with the use of an unhindered transfer of real estate from parent to child; and the ability to avoid real estate tax reassessment upon inheriting property taxes … with the rightful right to keep parental property tax – the public will find a way to maintain those property tax breaks despite constant efforts to dissolve or dilute critical property tax breaks in 1978 with Proposition 13 and 1986 with Proposition 58 voted into law.

In other words, Californians will fight hard, no matter what, to keep their property tax breaks, to keep their parents’ property taxes; to protect property tax transfers no matter how many times opposing political parties attempt to destroy California property tax breaks.

Also, let’s not forget financially and politically motivated union leaders in local and state administrations, as well as some ill-informed, tunnel-sighted independent estate agents and education system administrators … some mainstream newspapers like the SF Chronicle and LA Times with an interest in big – real estate advertising – and money of course, your hard core local government tax collectors – just looking for more hard cash from California taxpayers … plain and simple. Although most CA property owners support Proposition 13, Proposition 58, and 193, those who oppose Prop 13 and Prop 58 ultimately seem to be after more money from California taxpayers. A stubborn minority who simply speak out against property tax breaks, such as special interest politicians in the pockets of certain powerful people in selected sectors of the real estate industry.

The critics of these property tax relief initiatives still seem to grapple with the long-held misconception that without today’s property value, more money would flow into the real estate business and into the Treasury Revaluation related to Proposition 13 and Prop 58 … which directly impact California tax revenues.

In all fairness, after examining the facts that are driving these property tax problems, it is clear to anyone who truly searches … that these long-held misconceptions that critics of property tax relief cling to, and indeed, exactly that – nothing but misunderstandings.