Pueblo County has extra scholarships than ever earlier than and funds from the marijuana tax

PUEBLO – Pueblo County has more scholarships available than ever before.

$ 1.95 million will help students afford college education this spring as it will be deducted from excise tax on marijuana sales.

Pueblo Community College, Colorado State University Pueblo, Pueblo African American Concern Organization, Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation, and the Southern Colorado Press Club all received a portion of the scholarship fund to then distribute to recipients.

“We … are making sure that everyone in Pueblo has the opportunity to receive an education if they so choose and we are here to help,” said PCC President Patty Erjavec.

PCC has already awarded 238 student scholarships this year for a total of $ 800,000. The college also offers scholarships for those who are not currently enrolled through its Return to Earn program. Return to Earn offers scholarships to ex-PCC “successful students” who dropped out to help them finish their studies.

The increase comes approximately three years after an independent financial audit found that Pueblo County employees had misused tax money.

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