Regulation agency hires, promotions, and departures abstract: December 18 replace

Walker was the Vancouver company’s managing partner and national insurance and illicit company director. His main areas of activity are maritime and terminal shipping, railway law, environmental law, defense of insurance claims and general commercial disputes.

“His broad experience, combined with his current leadership roles within the company, makes him a natural partner for the position and is well positioned to enrich BLG’s focus on customer service,” said John Murphy, national managing partner and chief executive Officer of the company. in the press release.

The company has also announced the promotion of 18 Senior Associates to partnership effective January 1, 2021:

  • Kyle Denomme (Toronto) – Corporate and Capital Markets
  • Ben Keen (Toronto) – Corporate and Capital Markets
  • Andrew McLean (Toronto) – Corporate and Capital Markets
  • Krstina Skocic (Toronto) – Corporate and Capital Markets
  • Graeme Boocock (Ottawa) – specialized business law
  • Michael Damiani (Vancouver) – specialized business law
  • Andrew Hodhod (Montreal) – specialized business law
  • Ryan Laity (Vancouver) – specialized business law
  • Grace Pereira (Toronto) – specialized business law
  • Jake Cabott (Vancouver) – Disputes group, trade and corporation
  • Jessica Cameron (Calgary) – Disputes Group, Trade and Corporate
  • Erin Cutts (Calgary) – Disputes Group, Commerce and Company
  • Karine Fahmy (Montreal) – Dispute Group, Commerce and Corporate
  • Andrew Pozzobon (Calgary) – Disputes, trade and corporate disputes
  • Ziad Yehia (Toronto) – Disputes group, trade and company
  • Katherine Ayre (Toronto) – Technical disputes
  • Josiane Brault (Montreal) – Technical disputes
  • Edona Vila (Toronto) – Technical disputes

Cain Lamarre

Francis Vallières has joined the firm’s tax team. His practice at Rouyn-Noranda includes tax law for private companies and their shareholders, as well as commercial law and corporate restructuring.