SC Realtors, SC Chamber name for reform of the state property tax system | Native

The SC Realtors and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce presented a unique analysis of the South Carolina property tax system in a study conducted by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

The aim of the analysis is to initiate discussions with interest groups and political decision-makers and to develop proposals that ultimately change the state’s property tax system for the better. The report describes South Carolina’s property tax system as complex, unfair, and uncompetitive.

“It is important for our state to consistently review and restructure our tax system to provide better opportunities for our citizens,” said Nick Kremydas, lawyer and CEO of SC Realtors.

“This study provides an important insight into the development of a property tax structure that offers all South Carolinians a more than minimal opportunity.”

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“While we know that the South Carolina property tax system is a burden on so many property owners, this study takes a deeper look at a diverse group of counties to understand how flawed it is and offer options for reform,” said Swati Patel , Interim CEO of the SC Chamber. “The conclusion that our tax structure is uncompetitive, unfair and complex reinforces the need for critical reforms to improve the business climate in South Carolina.”