State measures to compensate for forest fireplace emergencies come into power | Greece, economic system

ATHENS – The maximum compensation for a person who has lost a house or building during the forest fires in Greece in the last two weeks is 120,000 euros for first aid or emergency aid, according to a law published in the State Gazette on Friday.

The regulations apply to anyone who has suffered damage from fires from July 27th to August 13th, the day the law came into force. Compensation cannot exceed 80% of the total value of the building and can be requested for both the main house and other houses, including rents. The owners of abandoned buildings are not entitled to emergency compensation.

A one-time emergency payment is granted for commercial buildings, provided that this has not been given up or the business is not active in the tax database.

Among other things, the law also provides for destroyed household appliances, which, depending on the damage, cost between 2,000 and 6,000 euros, as well as damaged extensions.

Other provisions also compensate injured or deceased, provisions on the protection of jobs and the suspension of wealth taxation.