State senators focus on subsequent assembly

(KSNB) – The 107th legislative term opens Jan. 6, and State 33 Senator Steve Halloran and District 35 Senator Ray Aguilar each have a few things they want to prioritize.

As the budget and restructuring year, the legislature is asked to postpone the submission of invoices, which could be postponed for a year, in order to focus on these two points. Both Halloran and Aguilar believe there will be a handful of pandemic relief laws that are necessary but pose a problem with funding.

“We’ll see what we can do, but the practical reality is that it costs something and how we pay for it will always be the problem,” said Sen. Halloran.

For Aguilar in particular, he wants to change an existing law that states that casinos are not able to go to properties where a state fair is held. This is a problem for Grand Island as both the racetrack and the state fair are held in Fonner Park.

“There will be some resistance from the anti-gambling people, but hopefully we can get over that and achieve this,” said Sen. Aguilar.

For Halloran he would like to lead a discussion about the tax reform and create a “compensation tax” that replaces property tax, income tax, sales tax and inheritance tax.

Halloran also endeavors to get a bill through quickly and without contradiction that requires the headlights to be turned on when windshield wipers are required.

“Consequently, the requirement to turn on the headlights will improve visibility and it should be a good safety precaution to save some lives,” said Sen. Halloran.

Both Halloran and Aguilar understand that there are certain things that should and will take precedence over other issues and issues, but hope they can do what they believe will benefit our state and help their voters.

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