Tax law veto overwritten | WIBW Information now

The tax law rejected by Governor Laura Kelly is now regulated by law due to a repeal by the legislature.

Legislators have achieved their goal of providing tax relief for individuals and companies that paid more state income taxes at the end of 2017 due to changes in federal tax laws.

The move will save Kansas taxpayers approximately $ 284 million over three years.

The vote to override Kelly’s veto was 30-10 in the Senate, three votes more than the required two-thirds majority.

The house vote was 84-39, the exact number of yes votes required.

One important change allows people to have individual deductions on their government returns even if they don’t do so on their federal returns.

The federal tax changes in 2017 have discouraged the listing, leaving some Kansans unable to break down their state returns.

Democrats criticized the bill for including tax breaks for some large companies.