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New Delhi: Taxmann Publications, the leading Indian publisher for professionals and students in the Tax & Laws of India, publishes the Finance Act, 2021, issues of various income tax books. Collectively, these books are popularly known as “Budget Publications” which also contain some important titles for the tax professional. Some of these titles are Income Tax Law, Income Tax Rules, Direct Tax Settlement, Master’s Guide to Income Tax Law, Master’s Guide to Income Tax Rules, and Direct Tax Law and Practice.

The company has published these titles for more than 6 decades. Taxmann’s Income Tax Act is in its 66th edition and Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner is in its 45th edition. These publications will be updated pending the amendments to the Finance Act of 2021, the Tax and Other Laws Ordinance (relaxation of certain provisions) of 2020, and Income Tax (Eighth Amendment) of 2021

Rakesh Bhargava, Director of Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. said: “Taxmann may be the only publishing company that uses the Six Sigma approach for its budget publications. We strive to achieve the “zero defects” benchmark in our book. We were able to achieve this for two main reasons. On the one hand our editorial strength and on the other hand our robust processes, which have developed over a period of more than 60 years. “

The budget publications can be bought in any e-commerce store, Taxmann’s bookstore or in nearby bookstores. Taxmann has also published an e-book version of his book on