The Day by day 202: Biden tries to show Trump’s tax invoice in opposition to Republicans who like it

But while the GOP house is being sold on Stefanik, the MAGA base might not be. “Within minutes of Trump approving New York Congressmen for the GOP conference chair on Wednesday, loud MAGA voices broke into anger – a rare break with the former president. The abuse against Stefanik, who was seen as insufficiently conservative and a relative newcomer to the Trump matter, zoomed further through the MAGA sphere on Thursday, ”reports Tina Nguyen of Politico. “The Columbia Bugle – an anonymously managed Twitter account with nearly 179,000 followers, including high-profile Trump movement influencers – described Stefanik as” a little less annoying America Last Republican. “Lou Dobbs, former host of the Fox Business Show, one of its staunchest supporters Trump’s cable television dismissed her as “RINO.” Others, like experts Ann Coulter and Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief of the populist online outlet National Pulse, retweeting a spree highlighting writers for writers, tweet after tweet and challenged Stefan’s commitment to the basic principles of the Trump movement. ”