The dive from ” 5 to Keep Alive ”: The Allen Chastanet Con

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Allen Chastanet

By Peter Lansiquot

They came in wolf clothing and mumbled “Five to stay alive”. What an empty, pathetic slogan, a clear signal that it was produced and agreed by non-thinkers, cheap political experts and hollow actors, led by a con man who spoke English before kindergarten, a pretender, a liar, an exaggeration, a Bluffer, a cheater who plays political games with churches and witches at the same time, with a particular preference for the street sweeper with her big broom, the Witch of Balka.

The slogan was a clear indication that no deep thought had been given to its creation and that the United Workers Party (UWP) was already shamelessly admitting that they were only promising the people of St. Lucia to simply “stay alive”. Yet some of the residents of St. Lucia, tens of thousands of die-hard flambeaus in particular, bought into this empty slogan scarecrow and danced to the polling stations in June 2016 to put a simpleton on the prime minister’s chair, an idiot, a plausible one ” Downes Syndrome Clueless Fool, ” a Joker in any case, who eventually admitted he didn’t have his officially touted college degree in economics by telling the people of St. Lucia that he was “a mixed degree.” But it is not a “mixed grade” so it was quickly exposed, just as the famous character of the Mighty Sparrow had left his “ass bare” many moons ago.

Then, in a debate in Parliament where the National Estimates of Income and Expenditures (the State Budget) were presented, in his capacity as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, this “stupid Minister of Finance” (a truly valuable and unforgettable description I gave by Comrade Nestor am Vigie Sab), said at least eleven times in parliament, “consumption tax” in vain and insane attempts to say “consumption tax”. Yes, my people, this is a man who appears on the St. Lucia Government website with a degree in Economics and a Masters in Development Banking. What a fucking lie! Shouldn’t these guys be jailed for these lies about an entire country, let alone the rest of the international community? A man with a masters degree in development banking, whatever that is, doesn’t know that there is no such thing as ‘movement tax’ and that the correct term is ‘consumption tax’?

On that day, hundreds of diplomats and other distinguished officials from around the world attended the St. Lucia Parliament (online and in person) listening to a Prime Minister and Treasury Minister in the Land of Caribbean Prize Winners explain his utter lack of knowledge and sheer ignorance this important category of taxation in the portfolio of customs revenue, which every secondary school student knows as “excise tax” from his studies in ” Commerce ”. And that’s just a fraction of the shame Five to Stay Alive spat in the faces of tens of thousands of St. Lucians, including the now strangely silent Rick Wayne, an author of three good books on the political history of St. Lucian. who lost his penchant for investigative journalism when the sauce and treats bubbled from the infamous pretender’s table.

Peter Lansiquot

I have already said that “Allen Chastanet is an impostor” (but I seem not to have heard from too many thousands of St. Lucians who believe that a two-sided letter is a “long” letter.

Too many of us refuse to read, and so fools and deceivers like Allen Chastanet continue to turn the wool over our eyes. When he said the St. Lucians were “idiots”, “niggas” and “beggars” he felt safe knowing that we are not a reading population. He was convinced that the majority of St. Lucians would never have heard of these insults from a nation that welcomed him, fed, cared for and protected him on our shores. But unfortunately, Daddy refused him a St. Lucian education – the same education our Nobel Prize winners and Dr. Winston Parris and Dr. Emsco Remy and Dr. Pearlette Louisy and “brother” George Odlum and Hunter Francois had promoted. and the St. Omer Brothers and Robert Lee and Kendall Hippolyte and Dr. Alphonsus St. Rose and Dr. Janice Stanley etc. etc. etc.

Chastanet was sent to Canada where he received “special training” and became “a product of Canada”. Today that special education, Prime Minister Chastanet, is convinced that ” Colonialism has a conscience ” and that ” The legacy of Saint Lucia is its credit card rating, “Saint Lucia” has taken to the dogs. ”

Yes, my friends, a number of politicians who have ruled our country for decades since the 1960s have not made the education of our youth a priority, and so today, in 2021, in the lap of the 21st St. Lucians, we have the Tell you that a two-page letter or article on national development issues is a “long” article. And the sad spectacle of criminal disregard for our education sector is continued decades later by the same United Workers Party. Is that why anyone was surprised when this Special Education Prime Minister and his useless Minister of Education, our first Martian in the cabinet, botched the historically unprecedented opportunity for St. Lucia to become the fourth campus of the West Indian University?

All St. Lucians who love to read and write and decipher the wisdom and beauty of good literature, including elaborate slogan ringing, a literary art in itself, as Ex-Tempo is today, would have a beautiful form of linguistic and musical expression failed and would have been disgusted, as I was five years ago with ” Five to Stay Alive ” when the deceitful chief minister unleashed it on an unsuspecting, undeciphered population.

But the decades of illiteracy deliberately imposed on Fair Helen by selfish and short-sighted politicians is definitely coming to an end. The Labor Party of St. Lucia has a clear legacy of being responsible for procuring the incomparable majority of the educational opportunities that have been provided to the people of St. Lucia to date throughout St. Lucia’s history, and our people are becoming the most progressive and systematically see and deepen this legacy in the months and years to come as we train and liberate many thousands of our youth in many fields of science as never before in our country.

Empty, miserable slogans like “Five to Stay Alive” will have made their last dive and are laughed at even by our primary school children. Fraudsters and charlatans sweeping the streets in priestly robes accompanied by witches will be a thing of the past.

Always forward, never backward, St. Lucia!


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