The native legislator suggests limiting the size of the legislative interval

FERNDALE, Washington. – A local legislator suggests making the state legislative session in Olympia a 30-day special session with a special focus.

District 42 Republican Senator Doug Ericksen of Ferndale has tabled a bill to limit the length of the upcoming session and focus almost entirely on recovering from COVID.

Ericksen says this would divert focus from the most radical agenda in history of the majority Democratic party.

Instead, he recommends a unique focus: dealing with COVID, returning children to school, opening businesses and reaching out to people who have been harmed by the pandemic.

Simultaneous Senate Resolution 8400 would also prevent income tax from being taken into account.

Senate Bill 5096, pre-submitted and sponsored by Senator June Robinson of Everett, would impose a so-called excise tax on capital gains and is slated for public hearing next Thursday at 4 p.m.