The trucking company says it would protest the rise in gasoline costs throughout the nation on June 28th

New Delhi, June 16 (PTI) Truck operators AIMTC said Wednesday it would protest across the country on June 28 against the rise in diesel prices and the government’s “apathy” over the plight of the Transport Brotherhood.

In a statement, All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) President Kultaran Singh Atwal said it had been decided to indefinitely prepare for a nationwide chakka jam if similar conditions persist and if it is announced in the near future.

“The House has decided that there will be nationwide protests across the country on June 28, 2021 and a memorandum will be presented to the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) …

An urgent meeting of leaders of transport associations has been convened to address the burning issue of the steady rise in diesel prices and the government’s apathy for the plight of the struggling Transport Brotherhood, the statement added.

Those responsible and members of the transport association also expressed their acute displeasure with the current situation.

“The Brotherhood’s unanimous request was for the AIMTC leadership to declare Chakka Jam indefinitely to protest against inadvertent diesel price increases and other pending issues such as EMI moratorium, e-waybill issue and tax exemption, etc.

International oil prices have surpassed US $ 72 a barrel in anticipation of a recovery in demand for the launch of the vaccination program by various countries.

When tax rates slumped to a two-decade low last year, the Union government raised excise tax to a record high instead of passing the benefit on to consumers. The consumption tax on gasoline was 9.48 rupees per liter in 2014 and 3.56 rupees per liter on diesel.

The excise tax on gasoline is now rupees 32.90 per liter, accounting for 34 percent of the retail sales price. The tariff of Rs 31.80 per liter accounts for 36.5 percent of retail diesel prices.

Gasoline prices in some parts of the country, including the metropolitan areas of Mumbai and Hyderabad, have surpassed Rs 100 per liter due to several fuel price increases over the past six weeks.

In seven states and union territories – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Ladakh – gasoline is sold for over 100 rupees per liter. PTI BKS HRS std.

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