Wauwatosa Property Tax Invoices 2020

December 2, 2020

The Wauwatosa property tax portal now has property tax invoices for 2020. We assume that we will be able to send property tax invoices by mid-December.

View your tax bill online

You can view your property tax invoice online. The easiest way to find your property is by number and street name. For example, for the property at 7725 West North Avenue, enter 7725 for the house number and North for the street name. You do not need any further information (no package, direction or type of street).

make payment

We recommend contactless payment options this year, including paying by check, through the website, or through the secure payment deposit outside City Hall.

Due dates

You can pay the full amount by January 31, 2020 or in the installments listed on the invoice (January 31, March 31 and May 31). These are interest-free and there is no application process – all you have to do is make the specified payment by each due date.

Due dates are listed on the tax certificate, which is required and strictly adhered to by state and local law. The entire tax invoice is deemed to be in default if payment is late or missed. The interest and penalty fee is 1.5% per month, retroactive to February 1st. Payments must be postmarked by USPS, processed on the city’s website, or received by the Treasury on or before the due date to be considered on time.

Where do my taxes go?

  • Milwaukee County, 20.2%
  • MMSD, 7%
  • MATC, 5.1%
  • Wauwatosa School District, 37.1%
  • City of Wauwatosa, 30.6%

The average home in Wauwatosa is valued at $ 268,000. This means that the average resident would pay a total of $ 6,274, which represents the following taxes:

  • Milwaukee County, $ 1,270.20
  • MMSD, $ 437.70
  • MATC, $ 317.50
  • Wauwatosa School District, $ 2,329.37
  • City of Wauwatosa, $ 1,922

This press release was produced by the City of Wauwatosa. The views expressed here are the author’s own.