Cayuga County’s price range for 2021 with a tax enhance of 1.9% has been accepted coverage

Several lawmakers spoke out on the amendment, both for and against.

“It’s a small amount, but it’s important,” said lawmaker Keith Batman, D-Scipio. “We are making a statement that we support literacy.”

The amendment failed when Pecher and Dennison and Legislators Paul Pinckney, R-Aurelius, and Mike Didio, R-Auburn, joined Tucker while the rest of the members voted against.

A $ 53,000 amendment from Legislator Chris Petrus, R-Brutus, to a position as a Department of Motor Vehicle clerk pending elimination was also denied. Peter was joined by Dennison, Pecher, and lawmaker Timothy Lattimore, R-Auburn, but the majority opposed the increase.

While lawmakers passed a change to add $ 32,500 to the Cayuga County Public Utility Service Agency’s budget, keeping the agency as a whole was basically an accounting matter. CCPUSA had budgeted the same amount for 2020 but did not spend it.

Spending cuts in the budget include cutting nine full-time and two half-year positions, most of which would come from current vacancies. The plan also provides for three full-time and one part-time positions.

A new management structure for 2021 was also determined with the budget. The Legislative Chair, elected at the Board reorganization session on January 5, will serve as the daily chairman of the county government on a salary of $ 60,000. This is twice the standard salary for the position, which was considered part-time with an appointed district administrator in charge of day-to-day functions.