FD Council OKs signal measure | Information, sports activities, jobs

Fort Dodge City Council on Monday approved the second reading of a measure to regulate the signs on the Crossroads Mall grounds when it is converted into Corridor Plaza.

The move will not result in any notable changes in the signs that the public will see there. Instead, these signs must adhere to the same rules as any nearby areas that are zoned for commercial use.

The Council unanimously approved the reading. It has to be approved again to become law.

In another deal on Monday, Richard and Vikki Clark’s Fort Dodge city council bought property at 146 N. Eighth St. for $ 60,000. The couple received an additional $ 20,000 for demolishing the house.

The city government has bought properties in the area in recent years and demolished the buildings to make way for future development.

The council also approved a tax break on a new home at 2458 N. 22nd St. owned by Michael and Shelley Kopp. The reduction will enable them to gradually assume the new, higher property tax burden over a period of five years.

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