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Identify when you are at risk for criminal investigation and prosecution

Not only headstrong tax advisors can go to jail for violating US or state tax laws. On the contrary, the vast majority of those investigated and prosecuted for tax offenses are ordinary taxpayers, and the IRS Criminal Investigation Department has a conviction rate of over 90%. The negative effects of stress related to the potentially life-changing consequences of red-handed fraud on your taxes and exams, eggshell exam, or reverse eggshell exam are not worth the financial benefit of continued non-compliance.

If you have claimed items of income, overvalued deductions (especially if they are staff in nature), or credits that you were not entitled to on your filed tax return, the IRS is looking for evidence that you knew, or should have known, was intentionally false . If the IRS provides evidence that you knowingly failed to file a tax return, it can easily lead to a criminal investigation or even criminal prosecution of Spies Evasion. If any of these situations apply to you or your company, it is in your best interests to consult an experienced dual licensed criminal defense attorney and CPA to determine the next steps to take to help you achieve tax compliance.

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