Leisure marijuana gross sales might kick off as early as this week in Arizona

12 News spoke to a Valley Pharmacy about what this means for the industry and those who live in Arizona.

PHOENIX – 12 News spoke to a Valley pharmacy about what this means for the industry and the people living in Arizona.

Lilach Mazor Power, the owner and founder of The Giving Tree pharmacy, says this has been an incredibly exciting moment for everyone in the marijuana industry.

“I got up at 5am this morning and applied for the license,” said Mazor Power.

On Tuesday, pharmacies could finally apply for the $ 25,000 license that local pharmacies can use to sell the recreational pot. Here are the details:

  • Pharmacy registration fee of $ 25,000
  • Child-proof packaging required
  • 48 hours to 30 days for application approval
  • New customers interested in cannabis
  • 16% tax on all recreational pot sales at check-out

“We have waited for this and spoken to so many people who want to try cannabis to improve their lives, and now they have the opportunity to do so,” she added.

However, given the influx of clients and long-time customers who already had crowded stores, she had to adjust to accommodate additional clients prior to the application process.

“There’s new packaging, everything will be child-proof. We’re buying more from other vendors and trying to produce as much as possible so that we can provide the same service to every adult who is a customer.” She explained.

She adds that the new breath of customers won’t “weed out” existing medical marijuana card patients.

“We will have a specific cashier for them, they already have their profile with us, they know what they like so they can order online and pick them up pretty quickly,” said Mazor Power.

While the application schedule with the State Department of Health Services is unpredictable, Mazor Power has high hopes.

“It’s somewhere between 48 hours and 30 days and we don’t know exactly when that will be, but anyone with a good reputation in the department should be dealt with pretty quickly. I think we’ll get the green light next week. ” ” She said.

Once given the green light, the 21 year olds and older can go green as they see fit. However, don’t forget the 16% excise tax that applies to all recreational pot sales.